About Us

Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus Soap Co. was developed in 1997 by a professional soap maker to supply customers with luxurious, healthful, handcrafted, natural bath and body products using high quality ingredients that are pure, raw and wild harvested.  Products are mild and effective for all skin types, free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, dye, and GMO’s.  Our Artisan bars and bath products are fragranced using a complex alliance of essential oils for aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits.  Certain products have been formulated for clients who have sensitivities to essential oils.  These are scented using phalate free synthetic fragrance oils (and clearly identified on product listing and label).

All soap batches are hand crafted in small batches from raw, cold pressed, certified organic and sustainable carrier oils as the foundation. To further enhance the skin loving properties of our formulations, various additives such aloe, calendula, chamomile, milk (goat, coconut or rice), beer, vegetable Butters, natural exfoliants and detoxifying charcoal are incorporated to result in the most luxurious, skin loving products made in Canada.  Our essential oil blends are some of the most aromatic and unique synergies available in an Artisan product.  For the distinguished buyer who truly cares about the skin they are in!!

Our handcrafted Artisan soap has been gifted around the world since 1997 and is renown for its quality, beauty and luxuriousness.  We are committed to manufacturing practices that produce the finest quality of hand crafted, healthful and chemical free bath products in Canada.   

BLUE LOTUS SOAP is a commonly sought gift and amenity item for gift shops, B&B, Spas and Conventions.  Contact us for product and packaging ideas for your special occasion needs.